App Protector-LockMyApps 2.3


Start LockMyApps before your friend uses your phone.

LockMyApps protects your Apps, such as Contacts, Gmail, Angry Birds, Facebook, Messages, Pandora, whatsapp, google +, google plus and so on.


*App2SD support
*Widget support
*Logging what locked apps were clicked. (Pro only)
*Beep alarm as the locked apps are clicked
*Auto run after reboot
*Hide the status icon on the staus bar
*Passsword protection as others intend to stop the service

Three protection mechanisms as anyone clicks the locked apps:
*Back to the home desktop directly (Lite or Pro only)
*Show the holidays photos (with ad)
*Show the Fake Error Message (with ad)

LockMyApps Trial version let you lock more apps than Lite version, but the funny theme option is enforced to enable. If you want to disable it, you may download Lite version.

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